Extroverted introvert
Hot tuber
Reluctant runner
Hat lover
Travel obsessed
History nerd
Long talks over small talk
Always wish I was in Europe
Love to debate things that matter
Grain free but love cookies
Love to read and research (see history nerd)


I'm Leah

Hey there!

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In the end, we all just want a photo that we feel good in

I believe

Laughter is essential to a good life

I believe

That showing off your authentic personality will atract the right people

I believe

I wake up everyday near the banks of the Columbia River Gorge and I’m inspired by the gorgeous  surroundings I see everyday. 

My dream is to live in Europe and drink espresso out of a tiny cup as I sit in an ancient plaza by the sea. Until then, I'll be happy to photograph my people here in the states and help them feel gorgeous everyday!

Love, Leah

I'm a born and bred PNW girl. I picked up a paper and pen to draw faces as a child and then as teen I found the camera. I've always loved to create art in all forms, but photographs have captured my attention the longest. Photography has not only be fullfiling for me creatively, but the emotional rewards that I recieve from helping people feel beautuiful is really whats kept me interested for the last 15 years. 

I live for my family, travel, design, food, art - all the juicy stuff. I like to hang out with my husband and our three boys - usually on a boat or in the woods hiking.

I would love to photograph you

Hello Lovely

To live full time in Europe

4. My biggest dream is:


3. my favorite season of the year:

Sebastian, Shadi and Kevin


Enterprise, Oregon

1. I was born in…

8. My hidden talent is:


My husband, Kevin (yes hes a gift)

7. The best gift I got:

Mac and cheese

6. My favorite food in the world is


5. My dream destination is...


the quiz

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Portland + Vancouver + PNW